Australian Labradoodle Purchase Information

Labradoodle Pricing

All companion puppies are $3,500 (plus tax) regardless of gender or color.

Your new best friend will have:

  • Registration with the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA)
  • A 2 year health guarantee
  • Been microchipped
  • All age appropriate vaccinations and worming
  • A baby blanket with sibling scent
  • A puppy that is well socialized with adults, children, dogs and other animals
  • Begun potty training
  • Begun crate training.  Our pups start sleeping through the night in their crates at 5.5 weeks
  • Had lots of hugs and kisses
  • A lifetime of support
  • The perfect family!


What we need from you to get started

  • Fill out our puppy application so that we can learn more about what you want in a new best friend
  • Submit the application
  • You will be contacted as soon as possible unless there is no availability listed on our website
  • Once your application is accepted you can submit your reservation consultation fee to reserve your spot on our waiting list


What you can expect

  • After the puppies arrive we will keep you involved as they are growing by posting pictures on our website as well as sending you weekly emails with updates.
  • As the puppies personalities develop we will begin matching them with what you are looking for, taking into consideration your lifestyle.
  • At the age of 6 to 7 weeks we will match you with the best puppy that fits your individual desires and specific needs. At that time we will send you a photo of your puppy.
  • Our goal is to match you with the perfect puppy so that you have a long and happy life together!
  • When the puppies are 4 weeks old the remainder of the purchase price is due ($3,000 + tax).
  • Your new best friend will join your family at 8 weeks old.
  • We do a group pick up for our pups so that everyone can meet each other and hear questions you may not have thought of.  If you need to pick your pup up on a different day there is a $85 per day fee for keeping them past the pick up date.  If you need to schedule your pick up at a different time on pick up day there is a $85 fee.  Pick up day is a very busy day for us so we really appreciate it when everyone can make it at the designated time.  We send the pick up day out on the day that they are born and we give you an estimate when the girl honeymoons with her handsome fellow so you have lots of time to plan.

Visitation policy: I am very sorry but we do not take visitors into our home. Please understand that we are a small in home breeder and do not have a kennel facility that is available for visitation. With multiple requests to visit each week we just can not handle the interruptions to our home life or the care of our puppies. The vast majority of our dogs do not reside here in our home but live as treasured family pets with their Guardians. At present there is only one breeding dog that lives under our roof full time. Parvo virus is a real threat to the lives of young puppies that are not fully vaccinated and we absolutely do not take visitors to see the puppies…. ever. Canine Parvo Virus is a deadly communicable disease. It is transferred on shoes, clothes, tires and hands and can easily be picked up and carried on the soles of your shoes without you knowing that you have been exposed! So please be understanding about our no visitor policy, it is only for the sanity of our family and the safety of our puppies!

When planning a trip to our home to pick up your new puppy, we ask that you not visit other places where dogs have been prior to visiting. Parvo virus is very persistent and difficult to get rid of… Parvo can live in the soil for up to 3 years.

Warranty and Contract Information


We are near the I-95 corridor and are a convenient drive from many locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. We are also within easy driving distance of New York and Virginia.

It is always great to have our puppies picked up by their new families but we realize that isn’t always possible. For a small fee we can deliver the puppy within a reasonable driving distance. Please keep in mind that DE doesn’t have sales tax.

If you choose to fly your puppy we prefer for them to fly in-cabin with you. We are conveniently located within 45 minutes of the Philadelphia airport and if you choose to fly in to pick up your puppy you can either pick them up or for $200 we can meet you at the Philadelphia airport with your puppy in a crate approved for in-cabin flight. We are occasionally available to bring your puppy to you.