Our Story

Who We Are

My story started with my great grandfather and his love of all animals. My childhood consisted of many furry and feathered friends whom I loved dearly. We raised everything from baby chickens to anything that he found that needed a home. One of our roosters even grew up to follow me to my bus stop every day, even I have to admit that a chicken at the bus stop is a little funny. He also gave that love of animals to my mom. For years I would wake up every Christmas to look out of the window to see if Santa had brought me the pony I had asked for. Santa never brought the pony but I did receive Dapple, a small shetland on April Fools Day when I was about 5. My parents also raised labs while I was growing up so we were often surrounded by puppies in addition to our other pets. My fondest memories of my childhood were of all of my furry and feathered friends and the adventures that we had.

My family set the bar pretty high with facilitating my love of animals and luckily I met Tim who also loves all things furry. We live together with our daughter on a historic 10 acre property in the heart of Unionville where the famed Cheshire Hunt can be seen in the fall and winter galloping across open fields on their horses. Our home was one of our first in the area and we have spent years bringing back it’s historic charm while making it a little more livable with modern amenities. We have horses, dogs, cats and chickens that can be seen roaming around our yard all summer.

Why Labradoodles?

In 2012 I started my search for the perfect family dog. It wasn’t easy because I was looking for something that does well with kids, did not shed, does not drool and is not overly energetic or hard to train. I had been searching for months when a friend suggested the Australian Labradoodle. As soon as I read about them and saw that they looked like living teddy bears I was hooked and on a quest to find the perfect one. All of these years later here we are with our amazing furry friends. Our only resident doodles are Cherry and Patches. All of our other furry friends live with their very own families. This ensures that our dogs have a wonderful life, surrounded by lots of love. It also ensures that when the puppies are here we have time to love and play with all of them. They get to see our chickens, cat, other dogs and my daughter can often be found snuggling a sleeping puppy while she enjoys her movies at the end of her day. Upon occassion she can even be seen doing things like providing them with a “salon” day or pretending they are at “puppy camp”. Kid’s imaginations seem to be endless!


“Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot about puppies”

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