Info for New Owners

Puppy Supplies

We have some of our favorite products below to help you get started


Puppy Primer – Book


Click HERE for the food and treats


36 in Crate – Here​

Frontline Gold (up to 25 lbs)

Chris Christensen T-Brushes, 16mm (available on Amazon)

LupinePet Originals 3/4 9-14 in collar (available on Amazon)

Redbarn – Natural Knee Cap for Dog (1-Pack of 4) (available on Amazon)

Redbarn Peanut Butter Filled Bone (available on Amazon)

​​Sherpa Original Deluxe Dog Carrier Large (Available on Amazon)

Our Favorite collar tags

We prefer the CollarTags™ for Adjustable Length Nylon Collars for the 3/4 inch collars. These are compatible with the collars in the Amazon store.

Always include your full name, phone number and location. Never include your pet’s name on a collar.

Australian Labradoodle Go Home Tips

Kids and Dogs

Go Home Tips


Puppy Food and Treats – LA

The puppies will be eating LA when they go home. We searched for years for the right food and this has been it!

*The puppies LOVE it and…. the Mamas and our resident doodle; Cherry, give it a two paws up

*They have NEVER had a recall. I feel like there are so many recalls and I love all of my furry friends way too much to have something preventable happen to them

*It is sourced and made right here in the Northeast US in small batches

*It is shipped directly to me and does not sit in a warehouse for months losing freshness .

*I pay one flat rate for shipping and I can buy as much as I like.

*They have EXCELLENT customer service and actually care about their customers. Every time I call or email with a question they respond back promptly

*I TRUST them. Trust goes a long way. Every one of our babies has a family anxiously awaiting their arrival and I need to trust the products that I use.

I am a rep for the product and I try a lot of new things. If you have a question about something please ask! Chances are I’ve tried it.

The Essentials:

*What we have been giving the puppies while they are here

If you start with this, get the large and put the regular dog food on a monthly auto ship. It will save you a trip to the pet store every month for $8. We LOVE the things in this pack

I recommend the case and to use it to stuff into marrow bones and freeze. It makes a great and cheap puppy chew. Put the bone in the dishwasher between freezing.

I recommend the 20lb bag on a monthly auto ship. Whatever you buy shipping is $8 so you can add anything else to the auto ship and save yourself a monthly pet store trip! Don’t let food sit around for more than a month.

*Please note, it is the all life stages food and NOT the puppy food. We feed this because we like it but you also don’t have to worry about when to switch.

Other things that we love: