Tango Wool Bo Diddly is an absolutely gorgeous fellow with a charming personality.  He has a black fleece coat that is so very touchable.  He is 34 lbs so will complement Luna's size perfectly.  In fact, he is such of a good and very social fellow that he resides with his guardians at a B&B where he can often be found entertaining the guests.  Bo is owned by Tango Wool labradoodles and we are SO grateful that they allowed us to use their lovely boy.

Luna is a cream with the softest coat I've ever touched!  She is the whole package with a lovely personality and the looks to match.  She loves everyone she meets and enjoys spending lots of time with her wonderful guardian family who adores her.  Luna comes from therapy lines and we expect wonderful things from her. 

Spring Valley's Ginger Snap and ​Blue Opal's Delaware Valley's Aedan Weber

Ginger's adorable little munchkins have a go home date of October 6th.  They will all be mediums in the 30 to 35 lb range.  Ginger comes from therapy lines and we are looking forward to her fabulous little red, apricot and cream, fleece moppets!  Weber and Ginger are so much alike that they could be twins.  We are expecting adorable replicas from them. This is a gorgeous litter with fabulous temperaments.  We have a Guardian opportunity for a local family.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming a guardian and getting our pick of the litter please fill out our application.  *Please note that red dogs often fade as they age

We have one spot open for a pet puppy and a guardian puppy from this litter.  To be considered please submit an application.

To learn more about becoming a guardian click here.

Ginger makes friends wherever she goes.  When she is not out and about at restaurants or riding lessons she naps or plays outside.  She is the perfect combination of relaxed and easy to be around but always up for a new adventure.  She has never met a stranger and is the happiest dog I've ever met.

This hearthrob of a hunk has us dreamy eyed! Weber is a stunning apricot/red boy with great hair and personality to match! With his sturdy build and handsome looks; yet gentle, loving and playful nature, Weber wins hearts wherever he goes. Weber is a smart, gentle spirit. His tail is always wagging and he always seems to have a smile on his face. A great companion, Weber can be the life of the party, but then dial it down to enjoy family time and tummy rubs.

Thank you Autumn Lane for allowing us to use your FABULOUS boy!

IvyLane Apple of My Eye (Luna) and Tango Wool's Bo Diddley

Luna had 9 beautiful babies with take home dates of July 30th with the very handsome Bo Diddly.  They will all be mediums in the 30-35 lb range.  Luna has an amazing temperament and comes from Therapy lines which will perfectly complement Bo's chill personality.  The colors will include cream, apricot, black and chocolate.  This is a gorgeous litter with fabulous temperaments.  

Lucy and Oliver

Spring Valley Australian Labradoodles

Previous Litters

Waltzing Matilda's I Love Lucy and Acadian Cajun Tahyo 

We expect puppies with go home dates of December 2016.  They will be scrumptious medium chocolate puppies with AMAZING temperaments!   We will have exact dates in December once they arrive. We have a Guardian spots remaining for a local family.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming a guardian and getting our pick of the litter please fill out our application.

Winston enchants everyone!  He is his Mom's shadow and follows her around wherever she goes.  He has never met a stranger and loves everyone that he meets on his travels!  His mom is frequently stopped and asked about this chocolate sensation!  Winston is truly an amazing fellow with the perfect personality.  His guardian Mom says that he is the BEST dog ever!  He will bring therapy dog temperaments to our babies.  

Lucy is absolutely amazing and everyone who meets her adores her!  She has a temperament that makes her a wonderful family dog and a coat that people can't resist touching.  Lucy is great with small children and loves everyone she meets.  She passed her Canine Good Citizen test at 12 months old on the first try.  She was also admitted to PAWS for People's Therapy Dog program at 13 months! 


Spring Valley's Princess Alana (Fitzy) and Arch View's Sir Winston 

Fitzy had 7 beautiful babies, 4 boys and 3 girls.  They have a go home date of April 7th.   This litter will be a combination of Fitzy's scrumptious caramel red and Winston's deep chocolate fleece coats.  Both of them are positively stunning and we are expecting exceptional puppies with therapy dog temperaments from this litter.  Both parent's have easy to train, laid back personalities.  We have been anxiously awaiting the paring of these two and expect amazing babies!   ​

Waltzing Matilda's I Love Lucy and Arch View Sir Winston

Lucy and Winston had 9 adorable babies With a go home date of August 18th.  They are amazing!  Lucy and Winston are both mediums and we expect the puppies to be mediums in the 35-45 lb range.   The babies will have fabulous fleece chocolate and caramel coats.  They also both have very sweet, loving personalities so this should be a fabulous pairing with some amazing puppies!